Ok so you are a complete starter in making electronic music, perhaps using a DAW (audio editing/composing software) for the first time, and you are thinking where do I start? The list below complete all the essentials if kickstarting Electronic music.


Get a sense of musical instruments

There are many ways to make music, but nothing beats this old school way. Which is to learn a keyboard/piano.

These are good cheap famous instruments, which are most widely used. It doesn’t take more than 6 months on an average to learn about some basic music theory.


You have been watching various pictures and videos of studios and you think that is what it’s required to make some decent music? Well, alot of top hits in EDM are made just using a laptop, sometimes even in hotel rooms (LOL).

Yes, software these days are very much advanced that allow you to do multi-track recordings and edit them with ease. The reason is that computer hardware gets cheaper by every year and you can get a faster computer for the same price every two years.


If you every wonder how electronic music is made. Well, it’s made using DAWS,  which stands for Digital Audio Workstation. These are softwares which allow you to record, edit, manipulate, any kind of sound/sample. Learning a DAW takes time, but you just have to be patient about learning it.

If you know the basics of an instrument, learning a DAW can be a very much help in creating music. Some of the most famous DAWs include – Ableton, Logic(Mac only), Fl studio, Cubase, Reason.



Its not like you need the best sound proofed room to make music. A good piece of headphones can do the job for you to attain almost 90% quality in your songs.


The speakers which help you to make/record audio are called monitors and there are plenty of reasonably priced monitors available in the market. But even if you have 
a pair of good headphones, that is good enough.



Almost all the electronic music is made from synthsizers. These are available as hardwares or softwares. There are digital synths which are as good as analogue synths and work in a great way. If you notice, a lot of EDM has common sounds. These sounds are made using synths. The software version of synths can be way cheaper than their hardware counterparts.Hardware synths vary from about $250 to almost $5000 depending on the featured and the circuitry inside.Whereas a software synth with almost all the featured can be 1/10 of the price of a hardware. So it’s good to buy a software synth. A lot of software synths also offer 3rd party patches, which can be found on the internet.