DJs and Performers: Do You Know Your Noise?

Hearing loss in DJing is no laughing matter. The career of a DJ is filled with towered speakers, blown monitors, and over compensated headphones. If DJ’s don’t take care of their ears out in the field, they can be at risk of losing a vital body function that you need to DJ. That is why it is always important to practice preservation techniques to save your hearing. (Check out Ean’s tips to prevent tinnitus.)

The Australian government launched a new website recently that gives a pretty good gauge to test your hearing and evaluate your risk when it comes to hearing loss. Read more below about Know Your Noise and how it can teach you about your own hearing abilities.

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Good Alternatives to Soundcloud for DJ/Producers

All good things must come to an end and in the world of music some people believe it is time to part ways with Soundcloud. In a recent site-wide takedown fiasco many DJs and producers began to post on social media about their distaste with Soundcloud, while the site is also being pinned down by the major three record labels as they threaten it with copyright laws. This becomes a big problem for DJs who want to post mixes, mashups, and remixes while also being a problem for DJs when it comes to finding new music. For DJs ready to jump ship , below is a comprehensive look at all the viable alternatives.
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