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Ableton DJ Course

Course Description

With downloading MP3 music files growing ever more popular, DJs now have the ability to mix digitally. Digital mixing has well and truly arrived, with many big name DJs converting to the new format. Ableton Live has emerged as one of the most popular and most creative programs. Ableton allows you to create your own loops live as well as playing your MP3 files. This gives us a huge amount of new possibilities, as Ableton combines the DJ and the Producer live in the club.
The Ableton DJ course will concentrate on the DJing aspects of Ableton and will teach you how to use the program and mix your MP3s. With new advancements in mixing board technology from ‘M – Audio’ we have the capability to control the program from the mixing board. This still gives you the feel of the traditional method of DJing whilst using the newest state of the art technology. The Digital DJ course is suitable for DJs of all levels, as we will teach you from the very basic’s. Book now and join the Digital revolution today.

Duration: 8 Sessions ( 60 Minute Class/Twice a Week )

Fee: ₹ 25,000

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