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The Art of Remix with Ableton/Cubase

Course Description

The Art of the Remix’ is a comprehensive professional remixing course taught by none other than the man himself – Multi Award Winning DJ, Producer and Remixer, Nikhil Sahni aka DJ NYK. He is perfectly equipped to flatten the learning curve and unlock the secrets of creating a cutting-edge, modern remix. This course is for every aspiring remixer interested in learning how an ace producer remixes a record from start to finish. All aspects of remixing are explored with the use of ‘actual’ projects that have been released as Official Remixes in Bollywood Movies and in turn pushing the envelope of both technical skills & creativity beyond classroom limits. We have created a course plan that allows you to shadow NYK at every step to make things challenging and inspiring to enhance any producer at any level. Upon completion, a strong foundation of technical know-how is targeted for each candidate to support their creative outreach and the urge to start remixing songs from scratch.

Topics Include:-

Duration: 15 Sessions spanning over 4 Weeks ( 2 Hour Session / Twice a week)

Fee: ₹ 45,000

  • Intro to remixing, analysing song structure and arrangements.

  • Finding tempo and key of a song

  • Time stretching, warping techniques, working with samples,loops,

  • Intro to midi, making a bassline using vsts, sampler or synths

  • Using key of a song to make a chord, pads, leads, etc

  • Uses of sound FX, risers and noises

  • Extracting acapellas, arrangement of vocals, audio effects for vocals, sampling audio, warping audio

  • Intro to mixing

  • Finishing arragement, audio fx using sidechain compression.

  • EQing techniques,

  • Mastering

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