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MASSIVE Essentials

Course Description

Not big… Not huge… Nor gigantic… But MASSIVE! That’s exactly what this awesome powerhouse synth is all about! However, a massive synth needs a bit of massive explaining. Under this course you’ll get a road map of the essential functions, routings, waveforms and modulation options that make Massive such a unique synth and a sound designer’s dream come true! So if you’re looking to design those really big, huge, gigantic, MASSIVE sounds, sit back and learn some cool synthesis techniques from Electronyk Academy’s expert tutors.

  • Overview & Understanding the basic signal flow

  • Different types of Oscillators

  • Filters and feedbacks

  • Envelopes

  • LFO’s and its application

  • Emulating popular sounds

  • Lead sequences and pitch modulation

  • Performer and stepper modulations

  • Synthesizing a kick , snare , hi-hats & percussions

  • Creating pads , leads & pluck sound

  • Bass wobbling techniques, talking bass, synth bass

Course Structure

Duration: 8 Sessions spanning over 4 Weeks ( 2 Hour Session / Twice a week)

Fee: ₹ 30,000

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