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Pioneer CDJ Course

Course Description 

The Pioneer CDJ Course is suitable for beginners or those with some experience who want to improve their skills.
 The course is spread across 2 months with two sessions per week. With a very small class size you will receive the instructor’s full attention and won’t feel crowded or rushed, you will also have your own equipment for the entire duration of the course.
 The focus on the course is making sure you have a clear understanding of basic to advanced DJing techniques which can be the hardest to grasp, as when you are new to learning anything it is important that you understand the fundamentals.


Course Structure

  • Equipment set up

  • Cuing A Track

  • Beat Mixing

  • Musical Phrasing

  • Looping

  • Using FX

  • Equalising

  • Set Structure

  • Mix Points

  • Impact Mixing

  • Performance

  • Harmonic Mixing

  • Digital Dj’ing Overview with Serato

  • Playing the Perfect Warmup Set

  • Promoting Yourself & Networking

Duration: 16 Sessions / 2 Session Per Week

Fee: ₹ 75,000

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