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Podcast Production Course

Course Description

Wikipedia says, a podcast is a digital medium consisting of an episodic series of audio content that can be subscribed to, downloaded or streamed through web syndication. We just happened to see it as an outstanding medium to express one’s finesse in music that is worth a share. Giving the creator and opportunity not only to display personal talent but also highlight that of others, podcasts have come to the liking of many DJs/producers from the word GO! Fast becoming a virtual platform for promoting sounds of choice and that of underdogs, NYK introduced it as a concept at an early stage to the Indian fans.
Started as an experiment, with the sole purpose of sharing music, the Electronyk podcast soon became a hit for the EDM/BDM lovers and today stands tall and proud on top of the Indian podcasts list and international lists alongside big names like Tiesto and Hardwell and it’s release becomes a trend on Twitter.
Now Electronyk Academy offers you the chance to learn the art of Podcast production from the man himself – Dj Nyk.
Just enroll and let the World listen!

  • How to compile songs for an episode ,

  • Lining up songs according to Key structures using Mixed in Key

  • Recording Voice Overs

  • Processing Voice Overs with Adobe Audition & Radio Imaging Techniques

  • Arranging the Non Stop mix on Ableton .

  • How to make enhanced podcast with Chapters feature to enable the listeners of the podcast to move between the non stop mix seamlessly.

Advanced (10 Sessions)

Duration: 8 Sessions spanning over 1 Month (2 Hour Session /Twice a Week)

Fee: ₹ 30,000

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