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Time-Saving Tips for Aspiring Music Producers

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

We all share the desire to become successful music producers. Whether it's achieving worldwide recognition or simply creating high-quality music, the journey to success can vary greatly in terms of time. While there are no "crazy growth hacks" to becoming a good producer, there are several ways to avoid wasting time and streamline your progress, regardless of your circumstances. Let's explore five common time-wasting pitfalls to steer clear of:

#1: Minimize Unnecessary Admin:

Focus on your music rather than getting caught up in excessive administrative tasks. While it's important to act professionally, remember that true professionals prioritize their craft, especially in the early stages. Avoid getting overwhelmed by email management, excessive social media adjustments, and unnecessary communication with industry personnel. Invest your time in making music and save the rest for later.

#2: Limit Tutorials, Plugins, and Samples:

While tutorials, plugins, and samples can be helpful, they can also become distractions if overused. Set limitations on tutorial consumption, avoid downloading every free sample pack, and resist the urge to accumulate an extensive collection of plugins. Embrace the concept of "less is more" to maintain focus and avoid wasting time on unnecessary resources.

#3: Keep Ego in Check:

Ego can hinder progress and impede growth. Stay open to change and different perspectives. Don't let ego dictate decisions that might compromise your music. Be willing to adapt, learn from others, and challenge your own beliefs. Overcome the temptation to use certain plugins or follow rigid rules that may hinder your creativity. Remember, ego is the enemy of progress.

#4: Focus on Finishing Songs:

Starting new ideas is often easier than finishing them. Overcome the hurdle of incomplete projects by prioritizing the completion of songs. Finishing teaches you vital skills such as structure, arrangement, mixing, and mastering. These skills are not fully developed by working solely on loops or short musical ideas. Challenge yourself to see projects through to the end, even if it's a struggle.

#5: Allow Buffer Room for Releases:

Avoid the rush to release music immediately after completion. Instead, schedule releases in advance, allowing for buffer time. This approach offers several advantages, such as gaining attention from Spotify editorial playlists, building anticipation through pre-saves, extending the lifespan of your songs, ensuring proper distribution across platforms, and securing premieres and support from influencers. Give your releases the time they deserve to maximize their impact.

By avoiding these common time-wasting mistakes, your journey as a music producer will be smoother and more efficient. Remember, success may come at different times for different individuals, so focus on internal growth rather than external validation. Enjoy the process without placing unnecessary time restrictions on yourself. Learn from those who have walked this path before, and save yourself from needless errors.

P.S. Reducing expectations can also be helpful. Don't set arbitrary timeframes for success or rely solely on external events beyond your control. Celebrate internal changes and improvements, and find joy in the creative process.


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