Resolume VJ Course – Beginner

Course Description

Visual performance has been part of the electronic music scene since the beginning, with VJs mixing video live along with a DJ or live PA, often in synchronization with the music. In the 21st century, visual performance has become an integral part of most electronic music events.There has never been a better time to get involved in the VJ art of live video production and performance and we believe that Resolume Avenue is the most powerful, creative and intuitive tool to use. The VJ aesthetic still has its roots in club culture but has since moved on into such things as the world of fashion, classical concerts and a broader range of music festivals. Gigs are often now the primary source of income for musicians in the age of digital distribution. This means that these events now include a dazzling stage-show comprised of fresh and dynamic video and lighting as standard. Despite this explosion in visual stimulus there are still relatively few people providing the skills and content. This course will give you all the technical know-how and creative inspiration that you need to get involved in this exciting field.

  • Understanding Resolume Interface

  • Triggering video and still images

  • Mapping and using a MIDI controller

  • Content, codecs and formats

  • Content, codecs and formats

  • Build your own workspace and presets

  • Creating and recording content

  • Setting up for a gig

Beginner VJ Course Topics

Duration: 2 hours per class twice a week / Total 10 sessions

Fee: ₹ 40,000