Rohit aka DJ Elektrohit (New Delhi)
While making a decision to join the Electronyk Academy my intention was not only to get access to one of the best Djing schools in the country but an underlying motive of getting coached by India’s #1 DJ – NYK. I feel extremely fortunate to be taught by him. It surprises me how NYK manages to squeeze in the time spent with us at the academy. Eventually, the risk I took in trusting a school promising celebrity coaching paid off and I am proud to say that I learned my passion – the art of DJing from my idol DJ NYK. Thanks, NYK for being a great promoter of raw talent.

Taran (Canada)
he one month Art of Remix course taught me all I needed to produce my own remixes (programming drums, basslines, editing, sampling, mixing, automation etc). Because of the small class size it was pretty much like having a private tutor & that too DJ NYK himself. He was very friendly, helpful and encouraging, and taught me things I just wouldn’t have learned from a book or video tutorial. Highly recommended, thank you Electronyk Academy.

Rohan (Bhubaneswar)
It’s a true honour to have learnt from such an institute, have a mentor like Dj Pratik and of course the milestone DJ NYK. Thank you for the platform to learn. Electronyk Academy plays a beautiful part in my life.

Bhavin Mehta (Ahmedabad)
Be it the orientation session, or coordinating the class schedule and infusing it with that of the students and NYK; the academy makes no mistakes in overcoming any challenge. I feel privileged and smart in making the right choice of pursuing my dream of learning the skill of DJing from Electronyk Academy.

Devjeet Das (Chattisgarh)
Being a small town guy just getting the hang of looping tracks on my basic Dj setup and computer, stepping into the Electronyk Academy was a Jaw Dropping Experience. My first glance at the academy equipment was like falling in love all over again with my own passion i.e. DJing. The tranquil environment of the MAC studio was just the space for me but then again the MAIN STUDIO attracted me to help hone the sound of my raw talent. And just when my creativity was about to run outta juice the interactive Crawl Space filled the gap as the best hangout spot. Electronyk Academy was not only a great place to learn but hang out too. Miss being there!

Shiv Dutta (DJ SYV)
It was too good an experience to learn music production, DJing and other courses…Dj NYK rocks!

Sanjay Sharma
It was a superb and great experience of my life to spend some memorable time in that academy under the guidance of DJ NYK… Electronyk academy #Rocks. DJ NYK Rocks Always!

Tapish Chaurasia
Had an awesome time at Electronyk Academy..learning Pioneer DJ with DjPratik (Quantum Elevate) was fun. Learned a lot..thanx a ton DJ NYK & Dj Pratik  See you all soon.