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Serato DJ Course

Course Description

Over the course of ten years, Serato has become one of the most popular DJ programs in the industry. It’s a comprehensive piece of software, and to newcomers, it can look overwhelming. Not to worry, though: Serato Scratch Live has plenty of useful features to command. Our Serato Scratch Live tutorial will map out your path through the program, while also giving you the skills required to create fresh new performances for your set.

  • Introduction to digital DJ software

  • Navigating the Serato DJ dashboard and each of its individual components

  • How to use the unique features only available in Serato Scratch Live

  • Connecting & Controlling Serato DJ with other hardware, like external controllers, midi devices and control records.

Course Structure

Duration: 8 Sessions ( 60 Minute Class/Twice a Week )

Fee: ₹ 30,000

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