SYLENTH Essentials

Course Description

Want some help getting to know the awesome Sylenth 1 synth? This course takes you from the very beginning right through to more advanced sound design, explaining all of the synthesizing technology and features included in this incredible, cutting- edge instrument. The course delves into all the main stages of subtractive synthesis, covering the oscillators, filters, modulators and effects. The final three modules are then spent showing some different types of patch creation, combining all of the techniques into some useful, practical examples to help students put everything into context.

  • Oscillators

  • Filters

  • Arp and Effects

  • Envelopes

  • More Oscillators and LFOs

  • Polyphony, Portamento, Misc Modulation and more

  • Making a Bass Patch

  • Making a Lead Patch I

  • Making a Lead Patch II

Module Details

Duration: 8 Sessions spanning over 4 Weeks ( 2 Hour Session / Twice a week)

Fee: ₹ 25,000