Electronyk Academy TRAKTOR-DJ-COURSE-300

Traktor DJ Course

Course Description

Traktor is a powerful software program that gives any aspiring DJ the tools they need to put on a stellar show. At first, it looks overwhelming, but the program has a number of unique features that aren’t available on competitors’ software. This special course is a solid collection of our many different Traktor lessons, designed to get newcomers familiar with the interface as well as Traktor-specific hardware. Watch this course to learn why Traktor is such a popular program for the DJ community and how to become a Traktor master yourself!

  • Introduction to using Traktor software

  • Getting acquainted with the Traktor software dashboard and its individual components

  • Understanding the software’s most important features, including features unique to the Traktor program

  • Getting to know the Traktor X1 controller, the software’s native DJ controller, and how to connect the hardware to the Traktor application

  • Using the Traktor X1 controller as a navigation tool and DJ controller in the Traktor software

Course Structure

Duration: 8 Sessions ( 60 Minute Class/Twice a Week )

Fee: ₹ 45,000