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Visual Content Production

Course Description

With the help of this program the student can create and edit remix videos for DVJ and visual performances, animating logo, creating basic animations etc. The students would be taught the leading industry editing softwares viz Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effects .

  • Setting up a project and a sequence

  • Importing and organizing media

  • Marking and selecting the best takes from clips

  • Performing intermediate editing and trimming techniques

  • Making your logo in Photoshop and animate in After effects

  • Creating Basic animation in after effects

  • Customizing your workspace and using creative tools

  • Making audio level adjustments and mixing audio

  • Applying transitions, effects, and filters

  • Color correction techniques

  • Exporting your final project

Topics include:

Duration: 2 hours per class twice a week / Total 20 sessions

Fee: ₹ 80,000

Also available Flexi Payment Plan

Payment plans are designed to make registration more affordable by spreading the total cost into 3 separate installments.

Payment Plan Details

1st Payment – Required for registration      ₹ 20,000

2nd Payment – Due in the 2nd week            ₹ 20,000

3rd Payment – Due in the 3rd week              ₹ 20,000

4th Payment – Due in the 4th week              ₹ 20,000

Payment Plan Total:                                          ₹ 80,000